Who is Hibu?

Besides yet another miserable failure of a yellow pages company that is attempting to appease share holders by jumping into the internet marketing and website building business?

Before I get to exactly who HIBU is – I’m going to do a little speculating.  I speculate that all the Yellow Page companies are failing miserably and will probably continue to rack up debt like crazy, only to file bankruptcy yet again.  Hibu has already filed bankruptcy once, and I think they had to restructure their debt load AFTER the bankruptcy.  In other words – I’m pretty sure they are bleeding money as customers in the Yellow pages continue to leave in droves.

Hibu (formerly Yell Group and publisher of the Yellow Pages), like Dex Media, is a perfect example of putting all your eggs in one basket and not thinking of the future.  They made so much money off the Yellow Pages (due to crazy margins in print ads) and they made the mistake of thinking this would last forever.  They jumped into the internet game way to late and continue to look at it from the perspective of “margins”.

I have news for you HIBU….. you will never make the kind of profits in the internet marketing / website building business that you enjoyed in Yellow Pages!

Enough Speculating – who is Hibu?  

Hibu, formerly Yell Group plc is primarily a directory (Yellow Pages) business.  They are based in the UK and have operations in the UK, the United States, Spain, Argentina, Chile, and Peru.

History of Hibu

Back in 2002 – Hibu purchased one of the largest Yellow Page publishers in the USA (McLeod USA) for about $600 million dollars.  In hindsight, this was a massive mistake.  Perhaps when they were living high on the hog from their Yellow Pages profits, they should have been re-investing some of that money into an infrastructure that was capable of putting out quality websites.  Had they done that back in 2002, they wouldn’t always be jumping from one website fulfillment company to the next.

The fact is that the profits that Hibu enjoyed when they were a yellow pages publisher are just not there in internet marekting.  In order to make the kind of margins that they enjoyed there, they have to either cut corners (hire the cheapest over seas labor they can), or bump up their prices!

In my opinion – Hibu has done both.  They have jacked their prices through the roof AND they continue to use overseas companies to fulfill their website products.

Back to Hibu’s history.  Actually, I think I’m going to end here as their history is a jumbled mess of purchases, rebrandings, rebranding back to the original brand, and just mistake after mistake.  This company can’t seem to make any moves that are actually beneficial to share holders or it’s customers.

After doing a little research into exactly “who is Hibu” – I wouldn’t buy a single product from this company ever!

As a small business owner – I strongly encourage you to stay clear of Hibu for your website or internet marketing needs.

The rest of Hibu’s history.