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Good Hibu Website?

Don’t be deceived by this good looking Hibu Website!

At first glance, you might think that the website that I am featuring in this post is actually a good Hibu website.  It was built for the Quality Health Care Group, and it looks ok.  There is decent information on it, but it is really a good Hibu website?  When you just look on the surface, I can understand why a customer would be satisfied with this website.

Most customers, who receive a website built on the current templates that Hibu is using, will be happy with the look of the website…….at first.  Then that shiny new website “smell” starts to wear off.

The problems only get worse after you’ve been paying ridiculous monthly fees for a couple of years.  You will start to realize that your website is NOT showing up on Google and is NOT getting you any new customers.  Why is that?

If you take a look under the hood (and you know what you are looking for) you will soon realize that your shiny new website only had a good paint job on it.  The engine (the code) is garbage.

If you buy a website with garbage under the hood, you will not show up on Google.

Hibu is Incapable of building a quality website.

I suspect that the reason is because Hibu is trying to realize the same massive profit margins as that they enjoyed for years with the Yellow Pages.  In order to do this, they have to cut corners somewhere AND charge more money than most charge for similar services.  The problem with this is that it’s not possible to have those type of margins in the web design business and produce a quality website that does what it’s supposed to do – SHOW UP ON GOOGLE!

It costs money to pay someone to build a website, it costs money to pay someone to update and maintain websites, it costs money for hosting, it costs money for domains.

You are not paying for a website.

You are paying someone’s sales commission, someone’s bonus check, the top reps bonus trips and rewards, and some CEO’s year end bonus!

No wonder these websites cost so much money.  If you were just paying for the website, you would spend about ½ the money you are spending on a Hibu website.

How do I know this?  Because I charge 50% less than Hibu and I deliver a website product that is far superior to anything Hibu can, or has ever, built!

Get a quote to rebuild your overpriced, under performing Hibu website.

If you’d first like to see more of my work – check out some of my websites.

If you think I’m just maintaining this blog for the sole purpose of gaining business – read this.

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