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Content (or lack of) on Hibu websites

Content on Hibu Websites

Everyone, who’s anyone, in website design and or development knows that when it comes to ranking a website on Google – CONTENT IS KING! Google has been shouting this from the heavens for years now.  This is probably the single biggest reason that Hibu websites rarely rank well (besides the bad use of title tags, meta tags, image file names, image  alt and title tags, and of course heading tags). (Related: The basics of SEO)

Even if you failed with all the tags (that are considered basic SEO best practices) – you could theoretically get a website to rank on Google (for non competitive keywords in a small town) if you just published plenty of good, quality content.  However – this will never happen with a Hibu website for 2 reasons:

  1. Hibu does not employ content writers (I suspect that this is because content writing is not easy, nor is it very cheap).
  2. Most small business owners are not content writers themselves.

Generic Content

What this results in is a website with generic, often duplicated, content.

What do I mean by generic content?  I mean home pages that say “Welcome to our website, we are a family owned and operated business, we’ve been service (fill in town name) for (fill in # of years)”  blah blah blah.

This boring, generic content does NOTHING to help you acquire new customers (if those potential customers managed to find your website, which as discussed earlier is probably not going to happen).

Use good content to rank well AND convert visitors:

The key to ranking well, besides setting a good foundation with the basics of SEO, is to publish good quality content and do it in a matter that makes it easy for your website visitors to find what they are looking for.  Use Calls to Action on the site (like sign up here, contact us, save if you use our web form, call us now etc.) that will actually get people to take the steps YOU want them to take.  If your web designer hasn’t talked to you about these steps – your website is doomed to fail no matter how pretty it looks!

When you hire Hibu to build you a website, you will never be walked through this process.

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