error message for Hibu websites

Hibu websites are down.

Hibu websites are down

I don’t know how long these Hibu websites have been down, and I am not sure that all Hibu websites were down, but the ones I checked this morning had crashed.

As I investigated this issue further, like many things Hibu related, it got stranger and stranger.

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screenshot of a hibu website

Good Hibu Website?

Don’t be deceived by this good looking Hibu Website!

At first glance, you might think that the website that I am featuring in this post is actually a good Hibu website.  It was built for the Quality Health Care Group, and it looks ok.  There is decent information on it, but it is really a good Hibu website?  When you just look on the surface, I can understand why a customer would be satisfied with this website.

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pic of the SEO puzzle solved

The basics of SEO

The basics of SEO

– that Hibu websites rarely have

Everything you are about to read has been published a million times on the world wide web already.  This is more of a summary of what’s out there to keep you from wasting your time Googling “SEO secrets, SEO basics, SEO tips and tricks or any other SEO related keyword search.

Why do I say to keep you from “wasting your time”?  Think about it for a minute.  Do you really think that a good SEO is going to publish their “SEO secrets” on the internet for all you do it yourselfers to figure out?  HELL NO!  They also are not going to publish it for their competitors to steal the ideas.

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transparent hibu logo

Content (or lack of) on Hibu websites

Content on Hibu Websites

Everyone, who’s anyone, in website design and or development knows that when it comes to ranking a website on Google – CONTENT IS KING! Google has been shouting this from the heavens for years now.  This is probably the single biggest reason that Hibu websites rarely rank well (besides the bad use of title tags, meta tags, image file names, image  alt and title tags, and of course heading tags). (Related: The basics of SEO)

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Screen Shot of a Hibu Website

An actual Hibu website reviewed (video)

Hibu website review In this video I grabbed a website from a “Powered by Hibu” Google search.  Turns out there are a lot of people searching (I assume sales people from other companies) for “Powered by Hibu” as the Google suggest auto filled in dentist, family law, restaurants, auto repair etc… Anyhow – I grabbed […]