Hibu website review

In this video I grabbed a website from a “Powered by Hibu” Google search.  Turns out there are a lot of people searching (I assume sales people from other companies) for “Powered by Hibu” as the Google suggest auto filled in dentist, family law, restaurants, auto repair etc…
Anyhow – I grabbed this Hibu website from the 1st page of the results and made this video for you.  A text summary of this review can be found below the video.

“Hibu Website Reviewed” – text version of issues found.

  • 5 “H1” tags used on the home page
  • Home page NOT optimized for main keyword (should be “Family Dentist”)
  • Improper use of Title Tag (business name should be at end, title tag should always start with primary keyword)
  • Poorly written meta description (This one had a deal on sports mouth guards in it)
  • Duplicate meta descriptions (I found the “Testimonials” meta description on multiple pages
  • Image file names are not bot friendly (they use multiple image names that have random numbers in them)
  • Background image cut off on a 1920 x 1080 monitor.

While this particular Hibu website looks ok – it will never perform on Google with these types of mistakes.  This customer is most likely paying $100 per month for a website that will never be found on Google.  I highly encourage you to steer clear of Hibu when it comes to looking for someone to build you a website.