error message for Hibu websites

Hibu websites are down.

Hibu websites are down

I don’t know how long these Hibu websites have been down, and I am not sure that all Hibu websites were down, but the ones I checked this morning had crashed.

As I investigated this issue further, like many things Hibu related, it got stranger and stranger.

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screenshot of a hibu website

Good Hibu Website?

Don’t be deceived by this good looking Hibu Website!

At first glance, you might think that the website that I am featuring in this post is actually a good Hibu website.  It was built for the Quality Health Care Group, and it looks ok.  There is decent information on it, but it is really a good Hibu website?  When you just look on the surface, I can understand why a customer would be satisfied with this website.

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